Month: February 2019

Rest In Power, Rabbi a Doting Personality  

Yechiel Eckstein was always revered. He was the man who came up with a brilliant and a simple idea to bring $ 100 million to Israel for its prosperity. But, he was also criticized by his friends and colleagues in grounds that he happened to stay in US, his pay should be seen in American terms and not in Israeli terms.

It is also believed that his thirst for being recognized failed him in many ways. He wanted recognition from the high end officials, yet he received love from the needy and the poor. His idea of thirst cannot be questioned because he wanted to raise funds from them to actually help the poor. It actually depends on the perspective.

IFCJ reviews

He was even questioned to teach the Torah to the non Jews which is otherwise prohibited. His sole purpose was to bridge the gap and for that some pre conceived notions had to be objected. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein did that. He was defiant. It is also heard that it sometimes became hard to work with him, taken from the IFCJ workers because he actually got annoyed easily, if a single work was not properly.

Today the IFCJ reviews have reached its zenith only because he maintained a memorandum of work. He prioritized the purpose of the nation and channelized the others towards the same goal.

An Israeli by heart

People who have worked with Rabbi Eckstein say that even if he was a citizen of USA , and born there yet he was an intense Israeli by heart. He thought for their need more than they thought and the actual persona got reflected in his action of forming the IFCJ and setting its mission and vision all towards the sole purpose of a bond between the Christians and the Jews. He never saw them as two separate things. It was a single religion for him and he wanted all to believe that too.

Today after he died may his soul rest in power.

Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery: Complex Procedure by Advanced Techniques

The term “surgery” creates fear in the mind of a patient because a surgical procedure involves incision on the body and its organs. A surgical procedure also involves loss of blood and severe pain. Anesthesia is used by surgeons to perform painless surgical procedure, but a patient feels pain after surgery which is managed through sedatives or pain-relieving medications. Post-surgical recovery period, especially after major surgical procedure, is long and sometimes extends up to several days or weeks. The after-effects of surgery are sometimes felt in the body during lifetime.

Current scenario of surgery

The scenario of surgery has metamorphized over years. We are living in a computer-age, where computers and robots take charge of many functions. Surgeries are one example of innovative computerized techniques.

Laparoscopy was a breakthrough in the field of surgery in the beginning of 20th century, but more new techniques such as laser surgery, robotic surgery, etc. have surpassed this technique.

Roberto Casula

Surgery is no more a fear not associated with massive loss of blood. They are number of qualified and skilled surgeons worldwide to perform minimally-invasive surgeries.

Minimally invasive surgery – a breakthrough

In most developed and developing countries, facilities of minimally-invasive surgical techniques are available and widely practiced in major medical specialties. For instance, Vicarious Surgical in Massachusetts USA has combined surgical robotics with virtual reality to perform minimally invasive surgery. Roberto Casula, a renowned consultant Cardiothoracic surgeon in UK has great skill in minimally-invasive surgery.

At Vicarious, minimally invasive surgery is performed through a single micro-incision by human-like surgical robotics, operated by surgeons. Dr. Roberto Casula performs mitral, aortic and tricuspid valve minimal invasive surgery. He is also a researcher in the fields of robotic and minimal invasive cardiac surgery.

Making surgery from complex to a simple procedure

Minimally invasive and robotic surgery, the techniques employed in modern surgical procedures are real needs in this field to make complex surgeries to a simple affordable procedure. These techniques have worth in medical science, but beyond reach of an average individual.

Learn How Roberto Casula Sees the Future of the Oil Industry  

Roberto Casula is the Chief Development, Operations and Technology Officer at ENI. This is history, as those people who are working in the oil and natural gas sector know this. Born in Italy, he has worked in the most renowned companies in the oil and gas sector across Africa and Italy.

Role in the Sector

He started off in the year 1988 as Reservoir Engineer and went on to supervising the reservoir modeling technology in a company in France.  He also worked as Petroleum Engineer and in 1994, got promoted to the level of Chief Development and Production Engineer for a position in a company in Luanda.Roberto Casula eni

He has a great role to play in oil and natural gas industry. He has complete expertise and know-how about the sector. His CB Rank is 52,910. He has negotiated the most expensive deals in Kenya, South Africa, Libya, Congo and other African Countries.

Currently, he is head at ENI. Roberto Casula ENI is one of the strongest links in the sector. He has a listing on Crunchbase also. There have been some recent developments in his life, due to a case on ENI.

The company Shell and ENI are in court over some corruption issues in Nigerian Oil Block. The public prosecutor has alleged that $ 520 m from a 2011 business deal had been converted to cash and paid to Nigerian president along with some other government officials as bribe.  There is supposed involvement of few officials from both companies.

So, Mr. Casula is also standing trial for the same. All parties, involved have denied all charges. Everyone involved in the case have agreed to comply with law and prove they are innocent. The Board of Directors has affirmed non-corruption in cases and looks forward to dissolving the cases. This major upheaval is in talks recently and has caused major upheavals.

Benefits of applying for loans online!!!

Online application for loans is very popular these days. These types of loans provide such benefits that could be availed only online. The Internet made things easy to access and you will not have to visit the branches of the bank for applying for loans. The online loan companies also changed the lives of various people. It is easier to take loans with the help of these services.

 There are several service providers who will provide these services you just need to be careful while choosing them:

  1. Easy to access

The institutes that provide loan services are a bit picky but in case of online lending, there is no such thing. The application request that you have made will be accepted quickly.

  1. Time-saving

In case you are facing any personal problems you can go for the option of taking loans online. It is way easier than the tradition based application forms that you fill.

  1. Low prices

direct payday loan

Get a loan at low rates is something like the cherry on the cake. You can get comparatively low prices than the tradition based loans.  Installment loan direct lenders are the best option to go for.

  1. Better convenience

These sorts of loans are really easy to apply for, you need to fill the right details and you are good to go. The form requires some details and you will have to fill them in a correct manner.

The final verdict

Getting loans online is a better option than the traditional ones, as you can comfortably fill the form in your comfort zone and where ever you want to fill it. You can get various companies or service providers; you need to be careful while choosing top direct lenders. You can check the reviews of the people as those are the reviews that are based on the personal experiences of people.