Month: July 2019

Journey of Blake Orlandi

Are you interested in learning more about the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Book of the Month Club? In this article we will take a brief look at the professional life and career of Blake Orlandi. Along with CEO John Lippman, in late 2015, Blake Orlandi helped lead the relaunch of Book of the Month, one of the mightiest brand names in the publishing business with over ninety years of history, as a monthly subscription e-commerce service that offers interested readers a fun, convenient, and affordable way to discover and buy new books each month.

The company has been growing rapidly since rebranding and relaunching the famed Book of the Month Club and its success in attracting millennial readers is one of the brightest lights in the publishing industry. Orlandi took on the role of COO and is doing a fantastic job for the New York-based online bookseller. Orlandi is a sought after public speaker and has been invited to speak at several industry events, including SUBCOM, one of the top marketing conferences in the subscription-based commerce space.

Each month, the Book of the Month Club editorial team picks out five new hardcover books for subscribers to select. Readers can choose which title they would most like to receive on the first of the month, or can simply let the Book of the Month team choose.  The relaunched company has proven very popular – attracting a new generation of people who love to read books and appreciate the curated selections by experienced book lovers just like themselves.


Blake Orlandi attended the University of Pittsburgh from 2001 to 2005 and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering.  Following his graduation, Orlandi enjoyed a successful stint working with Deloitte Consulting and Evergreen Copyrights where he led the M&A and business development team at the music publishing startup that was founded in 2006. Orlandi joined the company shortly after fundraising and helped grow the business until successfully completing an exit via acquisition by Bertelsmann/KKR in 2010.

Orlandi attended Harvard Business School from 2010 to 2012 obtaining his Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and eventually found his way to Book of the Month Club – the rest is history!

When he is not guiding his team of 45 employees at Book of the Month Club in various different departments, including marketing, product, business intelligence, and other operations, he is actively involved in a variety of philanthropic activities.

Blake Orlandi served on the board of directors for Every Child, Inc. for two years.  Every Child, Inc. believes that family and community are essential resources for every child’s growth and development and we are dedicated to developing, protecting, and binding those relationships.