Bookings of hotels via Social media – Is it really worthy?

In this age of social media, brands and business are experiencing innovative and creative booking options. Hotels are also now providing booking options on their social media accounts such as Facebook pages, Instagram, twitter, etc.

Reservations.comAround 45% of the properties are researched in the recent study which reports that these transactions are accounted for less than 1% of the total reservation. The behaviour and nature of buyer show the low figure as the visitors who already are aware of the hotel they wish to go will visit social media pages very rare for booking. They will visit the website of the property or an OTA such as With the important amount of needed effort for offering the booking option, some brands or business have decided the worth for such a small return.

Conversational and real-time transactions on social media

Reservations.comSince last few years, many hotels have provided visitors the option to book their rooms through social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. Using the, valuable clients can initiate conversations with the representatives at the booking centres. Agents offer the links for providing the chat rooms for completing the transactions. Although the system does not coordinate 24 * 7, it provides the option of booking the rooms. It is more conversational rather than a Facebook system of booking.

Nowadays, other agent sites of booking hotel have started the services by not only granting permission to clients to request for the stay but also working directly with the properties in the real-time for negotiating the rates for the better and accurate outcome. The social media needs to get addressed as per their account names or pages and the destination, date, budget all need to be entered for checking the availability of rooms in the hotels of your choice.