Contribution and Success of IFCJ in Recent Times

IFCJ works with needy people to provide them with humanitarian help. They focus on re-establishing good relations between the Christians and the Jews. They have different projects to target and resolve different issues of the same major problem.

Current projects

Presently, IFCJ has four running projects namely Guardians of Israel, Isaiah 58, On Wings of Eagles and Stand for Israel. IFCJ reviews of these projects set them apart from every other non-profit organization. Their blog is enriched with applause from the people they work for. They are appreciated for their hard work and involvement in supporting the needy.IFCJ rating

Guardians of Israel

A census report in 2006 concluded that the number of poor in Israel increase by a massive number of 100,000. But the living conditions were worse than before with Israel continuing with its battle against her enemies. Even today, people at Israel are working towards fixing their lives after the massive war of Hezbollah.

Guardians of Israel help meet necessities of all Israelis irrespective of their age in such frenzied situations.

Isaiah 58

Isaiah 58 is targeted towards providing basic amenities including food, shelter and medicines to poor and elderly Jews in the Soviet Union. As per IFCJ rating, they also finance the establishment and maintenance of several safe homes for children throughout Soviet Union.

On Wings of Eagles

This program is targeted for the safe and hassle-free migration of destitute Jews from all over the world to Israel. It also helps them with resettlement until they can become completely productive citizens of Israel.IFCJ rating

Stand for Israel

This program aims to preach involvement of people both in terms of spirit and political belief and engage people to stand for the state of the Jews and scuffle against the bias for anti-Israel in the online media.

All IFCJ ratings provided in their website and all over the online platforms help answer the pertinent question – is IFCJ a good charity?