Dream of Roberto Casula in Determining the Future of his Organization

Analysis of Casula’s interview

The following content is almost an analysis of a brief citation from an exclusive interview at The Oil & Money Conference in the year 2013. It was an annual event which was eagerly Roberto Casulaexpected and jointly planned by the International Herald Tribune and Energy Intelligence, concerning the opportunities in East and West African countries. Now let’s take a look on his views.

Roberto Casula said that he along with his team members are scouting the market concerning the Far East thereby getting involved in a conversation with the purchasers in China, Japan and India. He further said that from the view point of transportation, East Africa had the beneficial opportunities compared to others. In comparison with the projects of Australia the projects relating to East Africa differs in terms of complexity.

Roberto Casula also states that starting from the years 2018 and 2019 there will be assured rooms designed for assigning volumes of LNG. In fact, it is the product of the discussion with the purchasers on the part of Casula and his team. Thus he confirms that there is no possibility of arousal of problems.

On being asked about the possibilities of additional capital investment, capital concerning roberto casulaexploration and migration of capital to Africa East) at the expanse of the other mature areas akin to Niger Delta, he gave an outstanding reply. He said that on talking about West Africa, they should think about the significant discoveries relating to the pre-sold place. It is marked with change in situation.

So the countries that are marked with a good storage of future for oil comes from the same place that originated in the sites of Brazil. He visualizes East Africa emerging as a gas hub holding that West Africa will go on with playing role for oil and oil hub.


Roberto Casula has also served as the chairman of Versalis. Versalis deserves special mention as a subsidiary of Eni specializing in chemical production. The company at present employs 700 associates and approximately 80,000 people.