Everything you need to know about the Book of the Month Club

Book plays several roles in your life as a teacher, guide and friend. Life without books is incomplete. We become more focused when we cultivate reading habits. In fact, for the majority of people, books show pathways in life.

John LippmanYou cannot obtain a good book unless you have the best libraries or book clubs in your community. Apparently, the book of the month club was developed in the year 1926 with the notion of providing the readers with the best assortments of books that serve as a treat for avid readers.

The History of Book of the Month Club

It started in early 1916 when Harry Scherman was a writing advertising copy for the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency. His interest towards books made him start a small library called “Little leather library” Shortly later, he along with his partners Max Sackheim, and Charles and Albert Boni established the mail order service and saw huge revenues. This led to the foundation of the book of the month club in 1926 which is now currently managed by John Lippman. Later in 1977, Book of the month club was acquired by Time Inc. and soon they merged with Warner Communications 1989 and later with Doubleday direct Inc. in 2000.

The Remake of Book of the Month Club for Millennials

CEO and Entrepreneur John Lippman made the book of the month club a huge success with his new visions. He re-engineered the subscription box generations and it was a huge hit among the member and it became more appealing to the readers. John Lippman converted the mail order catalog into an online directory. After it was made online, the book of the month club has become most influential in the book industry and the club has doubled its membership.