Four Must Read Novels in Your Solo Trip by Blake Orlandi

The holiday season is knocking on the doors and if you are planning to take a solo trip who can make for a better company than a good collection of novels? So, pack your bags and your books and set out for the voyage. Get your book of the month club membership, and it’s COO – Blake Orlandi promises to give you the best reads for your solo trip.

  1. The Philosopher’s Fight written by Tom Miller –

in a female dominated magical world, a talented and gifted boy reaches boundaries of Radcliffe – a sigilry school for women only which has never been explored by any men before. Blake Orlandi suggests this to be the perfect read for the summer adventure and will have a special appeal for people who are driven by fantasy.

  1. Goodbye, Vitamin written by Rachel Khong –

Debutant writer Rachel hits the perfect mix of humor and darkness in this funny yet dark story of a young daughter returning home to take care of her sick father. The story is promised to make the reader go through a roller coaster of emotions.

  1. Modern Lovers written by Emma Straub –

Three former bandmates who have now turned more than forty have got together in Brooklyn with their children. The reunion unfolds secrets from years and changes people’s lives. This book is a manifestation of the gossip queen of your girl gang who updates you with all the latest gossip to keep you entertained.

  1. Two Girls Down written by Louisa Luna –

In a thrilling set-up, detective Vega sets out to achieve the impossible task of bringing home two girls who have gone missing. According to Blake Orlandi, Two Girls Down is a speedy read that will make you not realize how the days pass by.