Global Reach Of IFCJ Has Expanded Radically

Even since Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein founded the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, the organization has worked tirelessly to unite all the Jews from all across the world by seeking help mostly from influential Christian Communities. At present, IFCJ ratings amongst the top charities all around the globe and is arguably the largest Christian funded organization.

IFCJ ratingsAfter the untimely death of Rabbi Eckstein, his daughter took over as the president of the organization and continues to function prosperously. The fellowship aims at providing timely supports to the Jews communities of Israel and all over the world.  They reach out to the people, through various modes of communication ranging from television, radio, internet and also by holding seminars and workshops.


They promote peace and pray for the happiness of Jewish communities especially holocaust survivors residing in Israel. It is due to Rabbi Eckstein’s tireless efforts that the bridge between Jews and Christians have strengthened beyond expectations. Good IFCJ ratings have shown that the fellowship has succeeded in raising over $140 million funds almost every year from the aid of Christians and due to their global success in tying with influencing people all around the globe. IFCJ ratingsAccording to the present estimates, the organization has already raised over $1.4 billion ever since its first orientation. The various offices of IFCJ are situated in Jerusalem, Sao Paolo, Seoul, Toronto and Chicago.

Robust communication network

Though with robust global communication network, IFCJ ratings aids to as many as 25 countries throughout the world and reaches out to many others with the help of their web contents, televised programs and radio podcasts. Through various programs, the IFCJ helps out the needy with food, blankets, medicines and shelter. Through programs such as the Wings of Eagles, this organization has helped out over 730,000 Jews Immigrants who have moved to Israel.