IFCJ – Organization for International Peace and Development between Communities

The main aim of the IFCJ fellowship is to promote understanding and peace between Jewish and Christian Communities. And, another aim is to gather world support for Israel.  We all know about the tensions that exist between these two communities. Existence and co-operation is of prime importance between these two communities.

The Fellowship was formed by Rabbi Eckstein in 1983. Over the years, he had promoted lot of goodwill between the Jewish and Christian Communities. Sufferers from the Israel war are also given assistance.

Many people have been asking, lately whether is IFCJ is a good charity? The Fellowship is the best in the non-profit sector and has all records in place. It is a totally transparent organization and has also released their latest financial report.

IFCJ reviews

It has everything in place. It got the best reviews till date. The two main leaders so far, Rabbi Eckstein and Yael Eckstein have taken the organisation to new heights. Apart from Rabbi, Yael the President looks into all matters related to ministry programs and also holds the position of the International Spokesperson.

She has also given contribution to The Jerusalem Post, The Times of Israel and other publications. She has also authored two books, namely Holy Land Reflections and Spiritual Cooking with Yael.

IFCJ ratings

They generally help Holocaust survivors, orphans, children and families, poor elderly, persecuted and oppressed part of the society, soldiers and families, victims of terror and war.

IFCJ rating is one of the main parameters that decides the feasibility of the organization. It has great impact on the relationship between the Jewish and Christian Communities.  There are various financial parameters that decide the success of the organization, listing administrative expenses, fundraising expenses, working capital ratio and liabilities to assets.

So, the data has been filed with accountable organisations and it is totally transparent in its dealings.