Learn from Charity Contributions of Jewish Rabbi Legends

Why millions of people worldwide remember Rabbi Eckstein? One of the reasons is his association as head of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) for long years, but more important is his incalculable dedication to help the poor and needy people without differentiation between the Jews and the Christians. He died recently but he worked tirelessly for both communities. He raised hundreds of millions of dollars through donations for the poor and needy people. He could put his efforts to raise huge money for himself, but he didn’t care. We learn from the legend of such an incredible personality.

What’s behind Rabbi Eckstein’s fameIFCJ reviews

If you read IFCJ reviews and dig in more about this international Fellowship, you will have a better chance to learn about contributions of Rabbi Eckstein. He was so much involved in charitable work that he went to the problem personally and dug in deep into the heart and soul of those who needed help. This is the reason that Eckstein, being a Jewish, was greatly supported by innumerable Christians for his generosity. They actually supported his Fellowship’s good work, but the credentials of the Fellowship were due to utmost dedication of this great legendary figure. An underprivileged society rejected by the aristocrat society was prioritized by Eckstein.

IFCJ reviews Contributions of rabbi personalities

We learn a lot from the contributions of Jewish community, and especially great Jewish rabbi personalities like Eckstein and Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein who worked tirelessly and dedicatedly not only for their own community but also for people of other communities. This is a rare example of charity you hardly see in any community, except Sikhism. Jewish theology is mismatched with Christian theology and we don’t have much literature on Jewish God. The Tetragrammaton is the name mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.


There’s more to know about Jewish charity in the biography of Yechiel Eckstein. The charity of Rabbi Eckstein is no less compared to that of Rabbi Eckstein.