Learn How Roberto Casula Sees the Future of the Oil Industry  

Roberto Casula is the Chief Development, Operations and Technology Officer at ENI. This is history, as those people who are working in the oil and natural gas sector know this. Born in Italy, he has worked in the most renowned companies in the oil and gas sector across Africa and Italy.

Role in the Sector

He started off in the year 1988 as Reservoir Engineer and went on to supervising the reservoir modeling technology in a company in France.  He also worked as Petroleum Engineer and in 1994, got promoted to the level of Chief Development and Production Engineer for a position in a company in Luanda.Roberto Casula eni

He has a great role to play in oil and natural gas industry. He has complete expertise and know-how about the sector. His CB Rank is 52,910. He has negotiated the most expensive deals in Kenya, South Africa, Libya, Congo and other African Countries.

Currently, he is head at ENI. Roberto Casula ENI is one of the strongest links in the sector. He has a listing on Crunchbase also. There have been some recent developments in his life, due to a case on ENI.

The company Shell and ENI are in court over some corruption issues in Nigerian Oil Block. The public prosecutor has alleged that $ 520 m from a 2011 business deal had been converted to cash and paid to Nigerian president along with some other government officials as bribe.  There is supposed involvement of few officials from both companies.

So, Mr. Casula is also standing trial for the same. All parties, involved have denied all charges. Everyone involved in the case have agreed to comply with law and prove they are innocent. The Board of Directors has affirmed non-corruption in cases and looks forward to dissolving the cases. This major upheaval is in talks recently and has caused major upheavals.