Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery: Complex Procedure by Advanced Techniques

The term “surgery” creates fear in the mind of a patient because a surgical procedure involves incision on the body and its organs. A surgical procedure also involves loss of blood and severe pain. Anesthesia is used by surgeons to perform painless surgical procedure, but a patient feels pain after surgery which is managed through sedatives or pain-relieving medications. Post-surgical recovery period, especially after major surgical procedure, is long and sometimes extends up to several days or weeks. The after-effects of surgery are sometimes felt in the body during lifetime.

Current scenario of surgery

The scenario of surgery has metamorphized over years. We are living in a computer-age, where computers and robots take charge of many functions. Surgeries are one example of innovative computerized techniques.

Laparoscopy was a breakthrough in the field of surgery in the beginning of 20th century, but more new techniques such as laser surgery, robotic surgery, etc. have surpassed this technique.

Roberto Casula

Surgery is no more a fear not associated with massive loss of blood. They are number of qualified and skilled surgeons worldwide to perform minimally-invasive surgeries.

Minimally invasive surgery – a breakthrough

In most developed and developing countries, facilities of minimally-invasive surgical techniques are available and widely practiced in major medical specialties. For instance, Vicarious Surgical in Massachusetts USA has combined surgical robotics with virtual reality to perform minimally invasive surgery. Roberto Casula, a renowned consultant Cardiothoracic surgeon in UK has great skill in minimally-invasive surgery.

At Vicarious, minimally invasive surgery is performed through a single micro-incision by human-like surgical robotics, operated by surgeons. Dr. Roberto Casula performs mitral, aortic and tricuspid valve minimal invasive surgery. He is also a researcher in the fields of robotic and minimal invasive cardiac surgery.

Making surgery from complex to a simple procedure

Minimally invasive and robotic surgery, the techniques employed in modern surgical procedures are real needs in this field to make complex surgeries to a simple affordable procedure. These techniques have worth in medical science, but beyond reach of an average individual.