Mission of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and Its History  

After its foundation in 1983, IFCJ has been promoting peace and seeking helps from the evangelical Christians all throughout the world and primarily from Jerusalem. Tier mission is to foster a proper mode of communication and improve a level of understanding between Christians and the Jewish communities. Overall great IFCJ rating indicates that they want to build great support for Israelis and create new history by erasing the misers of the past.

HistoryIFCJ ratings

Over the last few decades, Rabbi Eckstein’s organization has been working tirelessly to be a platform of greater understanding and promote new relations between followers of two diverse faiths. They have done a great job by helping the Jewish immigrants during their time of poverties, anti-Semitism and provided funds as humanitarians for saving lives of millions of Jews. They have supported the war plagued victims and given them a new direction in their life.

Is IFCJ a good charity?

At present the fellowship raises as many as $140 million every year and have already raised about $1.4 billion till date. They have their offices in Seoul, Sao Paolo, Chicago, Toronto and Jerusalem. With the aid of television infomercials, radio programs, teachings and modified web contents, they have been able to reach out to as many as 100 countries all across the globe. IFCJ ratings have shown that the organization has been able to establish good will and enormous groundswell through their tireless dedication towards helping the needy.  IFCJ ratings

The organization has time an again help programs where they have distributed foods, blankets and medicines for all the holocaust survivors. Worldwide they help about 16 million people who are victims of terrors, helpless children, and holocaust survivors.

Through their famous “Wings of Eagles propaganda, according to IFCJs reviews, they have been able to reach out to over 730,000 Jews. This organization has provided assist to all the victimized souls and given them a new direction towards a stable life.