Once Controversial for Corruption Charges Is Now Successful Energy Professional

Roberto Casula, an eminent energy professional, is backbone of Eni because this leading multinational Italian oil and gas company has lot of obligations of this man. Roberto is one of the top officials of Eni and served on many leading positions in this organization for last many years. In fact, he spent almost all of his career at Eni. People in the world have big Roberto Casulahopes on this man to avert the energy crisis, and these hopes can prove to be positive by Roberto’s association with Eni. Roberto and Eni are complemented to one another, but there was a major setback for Eni over a year ago when this Eni executive’s involvement in corruption case compelled him to take leave of absence, though Eni’s CEO ruled out Roberto’s involvement.

Roberto is core of Eni

Roberto Casula was one among the defendants, that also included Eni’s CEO, for alleged case of corruption in Nigeria pertaining to 2011 purchase. Roberto denied any wrongdoing. He was also questioned by Milan prosecutors for alleged corruption in the Congo Republic. His leave of absence for investigations was not desired by Eni when heroberto casula was actively involved in prestigious energy projects. Though Eni temporarily substituted and offered Roberto’s position to some other senior officer, but that was not sufficient to plug the gap created by Robert’s absence.

Why is Roberto most needed at Eni?

Eni always hoped for Roberto’s swift return to work.  Eni was successful in getting back Roberto Casula, the most desired executive needed for progress of the important energy projects and that of the company. Roberto is back at Eni and presently engaged in open innovation and corporate venture capital at Eni. Roberto is now actively engaged in Eni’s ongoing projects. Much change is expected in the climate and better use of alternative source of energy with the presence of Roberto at Eni. Furthermore, Eni has bigger hopes from the efforts of this great man.