Rest In Power, Rabbi a Doting Personality  

Yechiel Eckstein was always revered. He was the man who came up with a brilliant and a simple idea to bring $ 100 million to Israel for its prosperity. But, he was also criticized by his friends and colleagues in grounds that he happened to stay in US, his pay should be seen in American terms and not in Israeli terms.

It is also believed that his thirst for being recognized failed him in many ways. He wanted recognition from the high end officials, yet he received love from the needy and the poor. His idea of thirst cannot be questioned because he wanted to raise funds from them to actually help the poor. It actually depends on the perspective.

IFCJ reviews

He was even questioned to teach the Torah to the non Jews which is otherwise prohibited. His sole purpose was to bridge the gap and for that some pre conceived notions had to be objected. Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein did that. He was defiant. It is also heard that it sometimes became hard to work with him, taken from the IFCJ workers because he actually got annoyed easily, if a single work was not properly.

Today the IFCJ reviews have reached its zenith only because he maintained a memorandum of work. He prioritized the purpose of the nation and channelized the others towards the same goal.

An Israeli by heart

People who have worked with Rabbi Eckstein say that even if he was a citizen of USA , and born there yet he was an intense Israeli by heart. He thought for their need more than they thought and the actual persona got reflected in his action of forming the IFCJ and setting its mission and vision all towards the sole purpose of a bond between the Christians and the Jews. He never saw them as two separate things. It was a single religion for him and he wanted all to believe that too.

Today after he died may his soul rest in power.