Robotics: Computer-assisted Systems in the Field of Surgery

The scenario of surgeries has greatly transformed over years. The credit goes to emerging technologies and computer-assisted systems in modern surgery that have greatly reduced surgeons’ efforts, but required extensive knowledge of these advance systems. Take an instance of cardiac surgery, one of the complicated surgeries performed on body organs. A cardiac surgeon gets tired and stressed after a heart surgery on a patient. On the other hand, a robotic surgeon remains refreshed after the surgery.

Conventional vs robotic surgery: The preference

If you distinguish between conventional heart surgery and robotic surgery, you will say that conventional heart surgery is an open-chest surgery, but robotic surgery is a closed chest surgery. This is a difference in layman’s language, but medical science has different perspective to distinguish between the two procedures. A cardiac surgeon like Roberto Casula prefer robotic technology than conventional surgical procedure. Procedure. Robotics is rather easier for a robotic surgeon.roberto casula

Why robotic surgery is preferred

Primary conventional methods of cardiac surgery were superseded by bypass surgery, but robotic surgery bypassed all other surgical techniques. An average cardiac surgeon may think of a conventional procedure because he may not a skill to take a risk of an advance techniques. A robotic surgeon, say Dr. Roberta Casula, won’t think in the same manner because his brain is more focused on robotic technique and his hands are more efficient to operate a robotic arm.roberto casula

Availability and affordability of robotic surgery

Robotic surgical devices are now routinely used in minimally invasive surgical procedures employed in general surgery, pediatric surgery, urology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, and cardiothoracic surgery. The surgical community benefits from robotic surgery, and highly skilled surgeons like Roberta Casula create more experts in this field. More infrastructure for this technology and availability of more skilled medical professionals for this technology have major contribution in emerging use of robotic surgical technology. Today, most surgeons favor to use robotic technology, if availability is not a problem, and patients prefer to use it, if affordability is not a problem for them.