The Man with Iron Solid Determination and Dedication

Roberto Casula Eni has always been the support of Eni. He has been associated since decades and has rendered service to everyone who needed.

He has been associated with the company and has made it to this level. He has always supported newer ideas and new technologies. In times when there were issues related to accepting the new technologies in Eni he was there. roberto casula eni

The Journey of Roberto

Roberto Casula has served for the company in many areas. In areas like Africa and Mozambique, he handled the company expansion and has always been the best anyone can ever think of.

Since 1997, a few years after he joined the company he has been shifted to many areas and has pulled off many responsibilities like being a Chief Development Officer, a Technology Expert and many more. From the last year in 2018 he is the Senior Executive at Eni and to everyone’s consent he is called Roberto Casula Eni. He is the sole and the bone of the whole company. A graduate in mining engineering, he joined as the reservoir engineer and since then has never looked back. roberto casula eni

He believes in accepting newer ways of doing the same old thing and has prioritized the relationship that he has formed since ages more than any other thing in the world. He does not take the credit of his success and feathers all the responsibilities on people who have helped him in this journey.

The Man who can be always trusted!

He can always be trusted with anything and everything. He is extremely grounded and can keep the sanity in work. He has been the best of all forms that Eni has ever seen. May all his future endeavours bring him more success and may he be associated with the company till his last days.