Why Do You Need to Get an AU Visa?

Do you have a plan of visiting Australia for a short period of time? Are you getting worried about the fact that you do not have a valid visa now and do not have sufficient time in your hand to go through the lengthy and time-consuming procedures of applying for it? If so, then the most appropriate thing for you would be getting a specialĀ visa Australia. Let us see what it is and how it can provide you with practical help:visa australia

ETAS: the basics

The Electronic Travel Authorization System, abbreviated as ETAS, is a document provided to people coming to Australia for short-term visits. People from the following countries, if they do not have a valid visa for visiting and staying in Australia, may apply for getting it:

  • Brunei – Darussalam
  • Hong Kong (SAR PRC)
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Korea
  • Rep of the United States (South)

Having this document will entitle the holder to stay in Australia for a time period of a maximum of 3 months at a stretch. Applicants need to verify whether they have previously been evacuated from staying in Australia for some legal issues. In such cases, they need to get connected with the Australian embassy of their area and ask for getting a visa.visa australia

Processes of getting it

In order to get this Australia ETA, people need to apply online via the websites of the online ETAS service providers. It takes a maximum of 7 days to complete the procedures. There is no deadline for applying for it. However, all the visitors need to collect this prior to their arrival in Australia. The online application can be made easily by using the passport, email address, and a credit card.

For more details, visit the websites of the ETAS service providers.